Welcome to the official website for Millennial Films, a London based production company. We make films that define our generation. Our content is powerful, thought-provoking and completely original.

  • ENTER THE GHOST (2020)

    ENTER THE GHOST (2020)

    Revenge thriller. Star-crossed lovers meet with murder and mayhem in a ruthless gamble for power. Adaptation of Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

  • TOP SECRET (2019)

    TOP SECRET (2019)

    The deep state emerges from the shadows when Wally, a gifted autistic hacker, downloads top secret videos that merely watching could get you killed.



    Millennial Films is a diverse community from across London and the UK. Real audiences love our films and we're always delighted to attend screenings, give opportunity to new or emerging talent and share our vision for a unique filmmaking practice where the human experience comes first.

  • TIN (2018)

    TIN (2018)

    A micro-film about love that lasts a lifetime. As the work day finishes, Deborah finds a quiet moment to celebrate 10 years of marriage with her dream husband Tom.



    Our following has grown from our immediate filmmaking family to a global audience and we pride ourselves on publishing quality content to amuse and inspire our friends and family.


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